"I love you more than words. And I am a big fan of words."
Joe Dunthorne, Submarine (via wordsnquotes)




take me to art museums and make out with me

But they said to not touch the masterpieces

damn son that was smooth as hell


"To be free is something that I would really love. And I don’t know what that means, but I think a lot of people are in search of it, in some capacity. It doesn’t mean being free and living in the wilderness, it just means like, you know, introspectively and what you, sort of, exude- you know what I mean? It’s kind of an amazing thing. And I’ve met people that I feel like they’re free. And I guess they present themselves that way. It’s really special, and it affects so many people around them. And I’d love to get to that point one day, where I’m totally in control of who I am as a person, and in that way I can help others… It’s kind of a crazy emotional journey that everyone has to go on, and I guess music is my avenue to discovering it."
- Matt Corby everybody

from “matt corby - secret garden tour (part 3)” @ youtube (here)
if you think about it, make up is literally paint for your face. why should women paint their faces to be considered beautiful?

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