"the hardest thing you will learn, is letting go"
we looked at super rad cells in bio today and they’re pretty much art

how to spot a cheater this is actually helpful

Chambre avec vue #15
Pipeline Masters- Hawaï, from the Gerry Lopez house.Dream catcher :Derek Dunfee
How did you arrive here ?I’m sponsored by Volcom so i get to stay at this house when i visit the northshore of Oahu. I live in California, but I chased a handful of big swells to Hawaii this year.
Who is with you ?2 girls watching the contest from the 2nd floor. I didnt know the girls, but Im friends with the person who stays in this room. 
Next place you will get lost ?I dont know, My schedule is open. Im watching the swells and weather patterns around the world.  The south pacific swell machine is about to start turning on, So ill be going somewhere down there.